The Wild Ones || Sarah Bahbah


Australian music festival photographer, Sarah Bahbah, simply transports me to the time and place of each photograph she takes.  As a lover of music and festivals alike, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to capture key moments during a concert and wish I could bottle them up forever.  Sometimes those moments pass you by so quickly, taking a video or photo won’t cut it or it’ll take you away from the present time.  And, if you do capture the story… it’s never like what you saw with your naked eye.

Somehow, Sarah captures those moments and she’s not only photographing the artists on the stage, but has stepped back and started a series called “The Wild Ones”.  Here, she focuses on the individuals who attend the shows, and it’s in these pictures, where I fell in love with her photography.

tumblr_n7p4wrS80X1qgpn6lo3_1280 tumblr_n53opxQ8DP1qgpn6lo3_1280

“People thought I was capturing the festival, but I really wasn’t capturing it the way I really saw it, raw organic moments. I was getting really frustrated and decided to step back and photograph the subtle wild ones.” – Sarah Bahbah

tumblr_n7fbpuoBtk1qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n7f9waQn891qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo8_1280

“I heard this quote once […] “Observe everything around you as if you’ve never seen it before,” and it’s so true.” – Sarah Bahbah

tumblr_n7f9txNbg51qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n3ci9pws001qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n7f9s1carm1qgpn6lo2_1280 tumblr_n7f9s1carm1qgpn6lo4_1280 tumblr_n7fbo0VS2v1qgpn6lo1_1280

“I will go around festivals and dedicate certain lighting hours to trying to find people who are going against the norm.”- Sarah Bahbah

tumblr_n7fbouMBHF1qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n7p4wrS80X1qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n7p4wrS80X1qgpn6lo5_1280 tumblr_n7t73oGTb61qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo6_1280

“He was really good looking, I was just like “Hey, um you look really good smoking that cigarette, can I take a photo of you?” He had really big blue eyes. I just said, “Okay look at me and smoke.” And then I took his photo and ran away.” – Sarah Bahbah

tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo3_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo7_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo5_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo1_1280

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Quotes are from Nylon’s interview with Bahbah by Jackie Yaeger. Click to see full interview!

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All images by Sarah Bahbah


Style Feature || Dane Ram


Photos by Dane Ram
Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Japan. China. Switzerland. England. America. Spain… No, this is not a geography class, those are just a few places where Dane Ram finds himself teaching dance workshops on the regular.  No big deal right? (insert sarcasm look here…)


What a cutie! || Feather earring: Gift, Beanie: A warehouse in Beijing ||

This globe trotter is originally from Ottawa, Ontario and moved to Toronto shortly after graduating high school to pursue his dance career further.  He not only took his talent to the next level in Toronto but then took it across the world with a move to China!  He began directing and choreographing shows and not only did his connections with other cities develop, his passion and choreography grew stronger too.

I met Dane when I was living in Toronto back in 2009 and it wasn’t till this past fall that I saw him again in London, England of all places!  Since I was solo on my trip I was thankful to have someone to sight see with and since we were so busy discovering the city we didn’t take the time to sit down for the interview then.  Thanks to technology, we did the interview over Skype while he was waking up in the future in Spain and I was heading to bed in Canada.  Get to know Dane a little further by reading the interview below and goggle at his stylish photos!


|| Shirt: H&M in Los Angeles, Pants: A shop in Korea ||


|| Boots: A boutique in Madrid ||

Kate W:  Where are you now?

Dane R:  Barcelona, Spain.

KW: What is your current state of mind?

DR: Growth, manifesting more, focusing on not just having goals but creating new goals.  I’ve been very optimistic and fortunate for all these opportunities, but there’s always room to create more!  It’s all a game of manifestation.  If I you want something and truly believe in it, then “magically” everything will seem to fall into place.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

DR: I’ve coped with thinking the world is my oyster!  I’ve been living out of my suitcase for so long, it’s hard to call one place home.  However, the people in my environment are amazing and I’m happy doing what I do so my answer would be the world!  I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

DR: “Don’t get stuck.”  Meaning, never become a product of your environment.  Learn and grow from your surroundings and then move forward with new inspiration.

KW: Which person do you most admire?

DR:  I like everybody!  Each person I know has qualities about themselves that I admire. I admire my parents, my students, my mentors, my sister. I admire people. Learning from everyone and being motivated by what they have to offer.

KW:  Black or White?

DR:  Something coloured, something bright!

KW:  Suspenders or bowties?

DR:  Suspenders.

KW: Favorite song to dance to?

DR:  I’m a big Michael and Janet fan.  They’re my first go-to’s and I love going back and checking out 90s music.  It’s all very therapeutic in a sense.

KW:  Dunk’s, Jordan’s or boots for class?

DR:  I always wear boots when I dance and it seems to take up all the space in my suitcase.  You just can’t go wrong with a pair of black boots.

KW: How do you decide your outfits each day?

DR:  I should feel good and comfortable in what I’m wearing.  Fashion has become part of my daily routine and I decide on my outfit by the type of choreography I’m doing and how long I’ll be dancing that day.  It’s not meant to sound superficial, but there’s a different feeling between being ready head to toe rather than rolling out of bed and going to dance class.

KW: If you could be in any music video, which one would it be?

DR:  Right away, I think of the type of video I want to create and direct not dance in.  I believe that’s where my career is headed.

KW: What would you say your signature dance move is?

DR:  Whenever I choreograph I try to introduce new movement that I haven’t done before.  However, my signature is how my choreography is very relaxed and fluid.

KW: Favorite fashion city?

DR:  Seoul, South Korea – only cause you’re allowing me to pick  one!  They do a lot of draping and adding of random buttons and zippers that don’t make sense but… you like it anyways. You can’t find that anywhere else.  I like “roomie” clothing and layering pieces when I dance.  The style there definitely speaks to that.

KW: Favorite dance city?

DR:  For training I have to go with LA – it’s such a hub, such a concentrated area and there’s always a lot going on.  I really love Toronto too because of it’s diversity.  You have dancers from multiple trained backgrounds and Toronto celebrates each independent style whether big or small.

KW:  How do you compare the dance industry in LA and Toronto to China and Japan?

Every country is like it’s own little world, and that’s how I’ve been able to fit in and adapt to everything I encounter.  The way people interact socially and culturally in China and Japan immediately permeates through the dance industry and independent artistry.

One of the biggest things is being mindful and respectful of that fact that it’s not “your” place.  Everywhere is so different, however, dancers are willing to put in more effort and less focus on  getting paid in China and Japan because the commercial opportunities in the East aren’t  as affluent in compared to what’s available in the West.

KW:  Which city would you be able to stay in for at least 5 years with no travelling? Which one would fulfill your passion the most?

DR:  Tokyo, Japan.  The cityscape, the people, their love for dance is so passionate.  The people there are all about working hard because opportunities are in limited supply.

KW:  What are some songs on your playlist right now?

DR: “Wish Your Love Away”- Brandy, “Crush” – Jennifer Paige, “Demonstrate” – Jojo, “Holler”- Spice Girls and Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience album!

KW:  Can you name your all-time breakfast dish?

DR:  I haven’t had a proper breakfast in so long but nothing in this world will ever beat my mom’s breakfast.  Full on omelettes, fruit, Danish pastries, hash browns, breakfast sandwiches etc. Anything else is completely unparalleled!

KW: Thank you for your time Dane! @daneram 

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Style Feature || Lenny Dela Pena

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Lenny Dela Pena, otherwise known as Lenny Len, was an Island kid from Manila, Philippines and moved to San Fran in the early 80s and then Toronto at the turn of the millennium. You may have seen him as one of the resident judges on MuchMusic’s television show, New Music Live Best Dance Crew or caught one of his highly acclaimed Vimeo videos.  He is an established choreographer and Director with Alpine Music Group (NY/LA) and founder of the recognized Flavor Shop in Toronto. Lenny Len is a teacher, entertainer and director that has been elevating the knowledge through movement & dance, music and film over the last twenty years. Some of his credits include Ne-Yo, Rihanna, T-Pain, Ludacris, Melanie Fiona, Jeremih, Jrdn, Esthero, August Rigo, K-Os, Jodie Connor, Ron Sexsmith and he took part in choreographing the 2010 Olympic Closing Ceremonies in Vancouver. Lenny’s vision and work has also extended to his mentorship for artists like Nasri and August Rigo who are renowned for writing #1 hit records for Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Musiq Soulchild, and One Direction.

Yes, the list does go on and amongst all this greatness, I was able to interview Lenny over some breakfast at Galaxy Diner in Calgary. He stopped in for a week to teach classes at Pulse Studios and will be back by the end of the month before he heads to Egypt with his wife, Lauren.  Below are some shots of his laidback skater apparel and our interview. Enjoy. xx

Lenny Len

Jeans: Ksubi

Tank: Made himself || Check out that ink!

Boots: Burgundy Velour Dr. Martens

Hoodie: American Apparel || Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Lenny DP: Happiness.

KW: What has been your main inspiration choreography wise?

LDP: Music. Always looking for the right music…good music.  Always looking for music that is stimulating, soulful, playful and music that makes me want to boogie. I want to be inspired.

KW: What are your top three songs right now?

LDP: I’m on a slow jam right now…bringing it back to my elementary school days in San Francisco. Milly Vanilli- “Girl I’m Going To Miss You”, Anquette – “I Will Always Be There For You” and Coming Of Age – “I’m Coming Home To Love”.

KW: What is your favourite dance city?

LDP: Toronto, Home of Do Dat Entertainment and School of Luther Brown – I’m a Lutheran!

KW: Do you have any other cities you feed off of for inspiration?

LDP: I always look to New York as the flyest state ever, but being from California and growing up with the beautiful and undeniable energy of the arts in San Francisco is also another mecca for me. Other than San Fran and New York,  it’s Toronto, because that’s what shaping me right now.

KW: What are some inspirations of yours, style wise?

LDP: I’ve always had an eye for it…Anything that makes me feel fly as shit. I don’t have a specific style, but I did grow up as a skater, so I feel I have that skater vibe in me, but at the same time I do like shit that fits and because of my ink, I like to express that as well. I like the classics and I’m a big Doc Martin fan.

KW: Do you dress mostly by your mood or the day’s events?

LDP: My mood and weather.

KW: If you were to dance in the outfit you’re wearing right now, would you change anything?

LDP: Probably my Docs, because they’re heavy as shit! I would rock the jeans if it was a performance and it called for it, but if it’s a dance class, I would want to be comfortable and I would change that too. Comfort is huge to me, and the way I feel is the way I’m going to look. If I feel good, I’ll look good and if I look good, I’ll feel good, right?

KW: What’s next for you?

LDP: That’s a good question. What’s next for me is the next level, the next discovery, what am I going to discover next? As a career, I’m always learning and figuring out what the best lane is for me.  I’ve been mastering the art of direction where videos and music are concerned but that’s still a long time coming. I’ve been doing it for a minute, but I still have a lot to learn.

KW: What has been your greatest extravagance?

LDP: I think my biggest accomplishment was getting a puppy! Little Jamie Foxx! The way Jamie makes me and my wife feel, gives us a new responsibility, a life threatening responsibility. My puppy is a life form, a life force that I have to be responsible for. Everything else is easy.

KW: Which artist or choreographer would you want to collaborate with the most?

LDP: Well, I would always like to collaborate with my teachers, those who showed me the way, and enabled me to where I am today. I’ve had the best teachers on the planet, so I would always go back to them. From Luther Brown, to the Flow Master, my choir teacher, Norman and my dad. As for an artist, it would be my homeboy, August Rigo from Def Jam/Alpine Music Group, he’s my fav writer and singer in the game.

KW: Black or white?

LDP: “Blite”.

KW: Which shoes do you wear when you dance?

LDP: Air Force Ones! I used to rock converse and was always wearing all kinds of skater shoes and Luther Brown was the one who told me to get a pair of Air Force Ones. He said “fix your shit” and that changed the game. Now my shoe playlist is on point!

KW: What is your signature drink?

LDP: Diet Pepsi.

KW: Signature breakfast dish?

LDP: Eggs, bacon, tomato slices and white bread with butter on it.

KW: How do you take your coffee?

LDP: Double, double!

KW: What are some of your favourite brands?

LDP: Alexander McQueen, even though I can’t afford it right now because I have a puppy! I used to like Louis a lot, but gear wise I like to support the locals. Gabe Angelo has a new clothing line that I’m feeling, called 4i Clothing and John Varvatos always has some good stuff too. Material wise, it always comes down to comfort and fit.  If that shit is right I’ll rock it out. It’s not about a major brand, it’s about if it’s me.

KW: What are some qualities in clothing that stick out to you?

LDP: The fit, graphics are secondary and if it was made nice and the material is comfortable.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

LDP: Some Nike Air Force Ones from Chinook Mall.

KW: Favorite fashion city?

LDP: NYC, always.

KW: Do you have any fashion idols?

LDP: Pharrell and Kanye. But because I have all this ink, I like to keep it classic when it comes to my clothing. The island and skateboarder style is very laidback and comfortable. It doesn’t matter what I wear, it’s how I wear it and how I feel. My energy will exude and transcend into what I have on.

KW: Thanks so much Lenny!

Click on this video to watch more from his channel!

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Style Feature || Kyle Foo

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Kyle Foo is definitely a name to know!  We met at Blanche Macdonald and quickly became a duo that did everything together.  With similar tastes and a drive for success, Kyle Foo was my partner in crime and life line at school.  We compared assignments while eating pancakes at Dennys and quizzing each other for the next exam till the sun came up but that’s another story…

Dressing well comes naturally to Kyle and he has a serious love affair with designer handbags – and I mean serious!  He’s even looking at designing his own handbag line and I’m telling you now they will become the season’s must-haves!

He’s currently the assistant manager at Moulé in West Vancouver, a high-end boutique for home décor and designer clothing, and is an aspiring accessories buyer. Quickly after graduating school he was already producing a spring fashion show for the Lioness Club with mutual friend, Mary-Elyn Keenan (also a name to know) and is seen assisting at many fashion events around Vancouver. Anyone who meets this guy is quickly intrigued and is always left with a smile on their face and in my case, left with aching abs from laughing so hard.

He shares my obsession with studs and prints and is seen here wearing just that.  Enjoy the interview and photos below!

Kyle Foo  || Blazer: H&M and he cut off the sleeves to make it a vest! ||

Sunnies: Marc Jacobs || On Wrist: Nixon Watch, Aldo/H&M bracelets ||

Handbag: Givenchy Pandora (Of course!) || Loafers: Unif HellRaisers (These kick ass, and I mean kick ass well!)

Dress Shirt: Versace for H&M || Shorts: Acid Wash & Cut off Levi’s

Kate W.: What is your current state of mind?

Kyle F.: Content. I feel I’m in a good place for my age but I’m striving for more and feel a change coming.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

KF: In my hometown, St. Albert, Alberta, with my family. That’s where I feel the most comfortable.

KW: What is your greatest fear?

KF: Failure with my career.

KW: What makes you laugh?

KF: My friends. They know how to have a good time and get my twisted sense of humour.

KW: Prints or neutrals?

KF: More so neutrals…But, my shirt today says differently and is quite obnoxious.

KW: Vintage or new?

KF: I prefer new.

KW: What would you say your signature fashion piece is?

KF: Easy.  Handbags.

KW: Do you dress mostly by the day’s events or your mood?

KF: My mood.

KW: Currently, what are some songs on your playlist?

KF: “Blue Jean” – Lana del Ray remix with Azelia Banks and I love the Songza app, it generates playlists for you!

KW: Dark, milk or white chocolate?

KF: White chocolate, yum!

KW: What is your fav breakfast dish?

KF: An omelette with eggs, cheese and bacon.

KW: What is your dream job?

KF: To be a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman and handbag designer.

KW: Your favourite colours?

KF: Black, gold and silver.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

KF: A pack of cheap cigarettes, Peter Jackson Black.

KW: Which fashion magazines do you read?

KF: AnOther Magazine and lately Elle US.

KW: Which living person do you most admire?

KF: My mother. She’s always happy and positive and was successful while being pregnant at a young age.

KW: Who are your fashion idols?

KF: I love the quirkiness of Anna Del Russo and I really like Kyle Anderson’s sense of style.

KW: What are some of your favorite brands?

KF: I adore Givenchy handbags and Margiela for it’s cool and edgy constructivism.

KW: What’s next for you?

KF: I’m brainstorming a lot regarding my own handbag line and would love to explore a new city like NYC/LA or even somewhere in Europe.

KW: Thank you Kyle!

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Style Feature || Jerome Esplana

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Allow me to introduce you to someone who is driven, hardworking, stylish and continuously perfecting his talent each and every day – ladies & gentleman… Jerome Esplana!   He’s a force to reckon with from the West Coast but is the most down to earth and funny guy you will ever meet.  His dance videos are taking over the virtual world via his youtube channel (which features beast dancers from Vancouver, Seattle and Los Angeles etc.) and he can be caught throughout Europe teaching master classes in London, Germany and Austria.

Not only has teaching around the world become part of his daily schedule, he also runs a hip hop crew in Vancouver called TwoFourSeven Company with close friend and Diamond Crew member, Roberta Bierman.  In addition, he is a part of The Faculty Crew which took home the World of Dance Champions title more than once this year!  He’s only in his young twenties and his list of accomplishments does not end soon…

On the style end, I’ve caught Jerome rocking button downs with bow ties or casual trendy looks like the one below; not to mention he probably owns every Mickey Mouse graphic shirt ever made and makes it trendy.

You’ll love his interview and should probably join the thousands obsessing over his latest dance videos on youtube.

Enjoy. xx

Jerome Esplana || Beanie: Army & Navy

Watch: Casio || Bracelet: Some religious store (his words exactly)

Shades: Primark || Jean Jacket: Levi’s

|| Backpack: Herschel ||

Fancy Footwork || Shoes: Vans

Some MJ’s in the blood! || Jeans: Bluenotes

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Jerome E: I’m really happy.  Great things even stem from bad.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

JE: When I’m dancing.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

JE: “Never Give Up”. It’s straight forward, but it’s true in any industry, even in the youtube world.

KW: Which living person do you most admire?

JE: Will Smith. He’s very accomplished, seems quite humble, wise and is one of my favorite actors.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

JE: A costume piece for the 247 Company.

KW: What makes you laugh?

JE: Oh my God. Everything!

KW: If you could dance in any music video, which one would it be?

JE: I have three! First would be Michael Jackson’s “Bad” , second would be Janet Jackson’s “Rhythmnation” and Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You”.

KW: Which dancer, choreographer or artist would you want to share the stage with the most?

JE: Justin Timberlake. I’m always a fan of his work, and again I feel he’s humble. He has incredible stage presence and his concerts are always insane.

KW: What has been your greatest extravagance thus far?

JE: Performing at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and travelling the world teaching dance.

KW: What is your favorite dance city?

JE: First, I have to say Vancouver for it’s incredible potential and talent. Vancouver has a very driven dance community.  Secondly it would be LA. There’s many different vibes present, even from studio to studio.  I also feel ML (Movement Lifestyle in NoHo) is my second home; I have very close friends there and the studio itself has a great vibe and inspiring talent.

KW: What is your favorite fashion city?

JE: London. It’s so fashionable and trendy with a certain maturity.  It’s exactly how I want to dress.

KW: If you were to dance in this outfit you’re currently wearing, would you change anything?

JE: Nope!

KW: Cat or Dog?

JE: Dog.

KW: Black or white?

JE: Ughhh… I love both!

KW: What’s your number one breakfast dish?

JE: That’s really hard, I love food. Any kind of meal makes me happy and I’m happy eating cereal for dinner.

KW: Name some songs on your playlist.

JE: Backstreet Boys “Get Down” , N’Sync “This I Promise You” and Usher “Superstar”.

KW: Do you dress mostly by your mood or the day’s events?

JE: Weather actually plays a huge part, or if I find something in my closet I haven’t worn for awhile. I find I’ll wear certain colours depending on my mood too.

KW: What is your signature piece?

JE: My gold watch.

KW: Which shoes do you love to dance in?

JE: My Vans.

KW: Favorite colour(s)?

JE: Neutrals.

KW: Suspenders or bow ties?

JE: Both!

KW: What’s next for you?

JE: I’m aiming to choreograph for artists like Justin Timberlake and if I wasn’t dancing, I would want to be an architect.

KW: Thank you so much Jerome!

Style Feature || Farhad Younus

Words & Photos by Kate Wotherspoon

This guy, is one hell of a good dresser… I worked with him at Holt Renfrew and everyday his outfits would never disappoint.  From head to toe and handkerchief to showy socks, his look is sophisticatedly on trend and a perfect mix of media.  He works for Tom Ford and is a family guy with two sons who are quickly catching on to the definition of style.  He plans to start his own label on the side catering to urban women who will feel sexy and powerful wearing his designs and you can always catch him walking with a certain je ne sais quoi… #swag

We planned for the style feature numerous times but it never panned out until one day I was sitting in Starbucks and he joined me for break.  It was one of my last shifts and we were running out of time and decided we mineswell “get’er done now or never” (That’s obviously what I spat out, not him)… So, I borrowed a pencil from the barista and scribbled his thoughts, preferences and inspirations down on an Americano stained napkin and snapped some street shots with my handy dandy iphone!  Check out the photos and interview below. xx

Farhad Younus

Blazer: Zara || Dress shirt: Isaia || Pants: Wings & Horns

Ring: Isaia || Watch: Movado

Loafers: Tod’s || I want these for myself! Great colour!

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Farhard Y: Happy. I’m very happy.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

FY: When I’m with my family.

KW: What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

FY: “The world is full of idiots, you have to learn to live with them”.

KW: What’s your biggest fear?

FY: Drowning. I almost drowned when I was 17 years old and I still have a fear of it.

KW: What’s your most prized possession?

FY: My sword collection.

KW:  What was your last purchase?

FY: The blazer that I’m currently wearing.

KW: What is your greatest extravagance?

FY: It would have to be working for Tom Ford.

KW: What was the last film you watched?

FY: “What to Expect When Expecting”. I hated it… But my wife dragged me along with her friends ahaha. I have to admit though,  there were some funny moments in that film.

KW:  Which designer(s) do you see yourself collaborating with?

FY: Isaia, Tom Ford and Brunello Cucinelli.

KW: Black or white?

FY: Black.

KW: Suspenders or bow ties?

FY: Suspenders.

KW: Favorite fashion city?

FY: Florence, Italy for it’s perfect mix of art, history and fashion. They know how to dress there.

KW: What makes you laugh?

FY: Anything really, I’m easy going.

KW: Prints or neutrals?

FY: Prints.

KW: What is your go-to breakfast dish?

FY:  Oatmeal with fruit or a little bit of honey.

KW: Your most desired drink?

FY: Rum on the rocks with a Cuban cigar.

KW: Your favourite fragrance?

FY: Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanilla.

KW: What song do you find yourself always busting a move to?

FY: I love to dance to any MJ song. I’m a big Michael fan.

KW: What are some songs currently on your playlist?

FY: Dr. Dre – “Next Episode”, Michael Jackson – “Off the Wall” and Neyo – “One in a Million”.

KW: Your magazine(s) of choice?

FY: GQ and Fine Cooking.

KW: So you like to cook! What is your signature dish?

FY: My homemade recipe for pasta – it’s damn good!

KW: Do you dress by your mood or the day’s events?

FY: My mood for sure.

KW: Thank you Farhad!

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Style Feature || Deanna Palkowski

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Where do I even begin? Deanna Palkowski is honestly one of the coolest people I have met here in Vancouver. First of all she is incredibly funny! I think I had a side stitch from laughing so hard when interviewing her and by the end of it, I decided I should become her new sidekick and partner in crime. Second of all, she has striking style, genius talent and works her ass off! She follows through with what she say she’s going to do and she still has time to drop it low! Cool right?

Her passion for fashion, as cheesy as that may sound, occurred at a very early age when she watched her grandmother sew her and her sister matching floral, floor length dresses for a party. She then began self educating herself with the mentoring of her grandmother and learned all the tricks of the trade. Deanna then moved into acting during her adolescent years and following that she found herself captivated with styling.

Palkowski is a huge Canadian success when it comes to her work with fashion and creative direction. She is signed with Lizbell Agency and her work has been featured in various magazines like ION, Montecristo, Nuvo, Moda and Contributor Magazine as well as brands like Fidelity Denim. She also has her own brand called Minting Die and is looking into collaborating further with friends for new projects. I could write about her all day but I will leave you to check out her interview below and her pics showcasing that chic stylist touch! Enjoy. x

Shorts: Calvin Klein || Top: Vintage || Sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith

Necklaces: Anna De Courcey & Sleep Standing Up || Bracelets: Philippe Audibert, Minting Die & Catherine Hartley || Rings: Minting Die

Purse: Vintage

Baroque Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Deanna P: I feel very accomplished from where I started but hectic at the same time because I want to do more.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

DP: Honestly, I feel most at home when I’m by myself. This way I’m left to my own thoughts with no one to answer to.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

DP: When I was younger, my dad would play that trust game with me, the one where you fall and the other person is supposed to catch you from behind, and he would tell me he would catch me but never did! He always said to “Trust nobody” and I feel best when I take matters into my own hands then leaving it with someone else.

KW: What’s your biggest fear?

DP: Falling…Heights scare me. I also find it unnerving to think of not having that one person to share my life with, to share that special connection. I would hate to have to be with the wrong person.

KW: What’s your most prized possession?

DP: It would have to be my grandmother’s ring.

KW: What is your greatest extravagance?

DP: I’m still growing and I’m not there yet. I feel I’m only just starting with my career and would hate to say my greatest extravagance has already occurred.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

DP: Black Converse shoes.

KW: What was the last film you watched?

DP: The Rum Diary.

KW: Which sites do you visit everyday?

DP: The NY Times, Tumblr & read the News, BoF and visit various magazine sites for inspiration.

KW: Which designers do you see yourself collaborating with?

DP: My talented friends, Central St. Martins, Margiela and Rick Owens.

KW: Black or white?

DP: Instinctively black, but I’m loving white right now – it’s so angelic.

KW: Suspenders or bowties?

DP: Suspenders. I’m over bowties.

KW: Favorite fashion city?

DP: Paris. I feel there’s more talent, creativity and history there. Fashion is a lifestyle in Paris.

KW: What makes you laugh?

DP: Everything. I seem to laugh so easily at anything!

KW: Prints or Neutrals?

DP: Neutrals.

KW: What is your go-to breakfast dish?

DP: Oatmeal with granola and berries!

KW: And what would be your signature drink?

DP: Oh Dirty Martinis and Double Vodka on the Rocks. I have a trick actually when ordering drinks at bars… It’s always loud and you end up going back and forth with the bartender while he asks you multiple times what you want, and no one can hear each other… I’ve solved that. I now have a saved note in my iPhone and just show the bartender the note and signal for “two” so I don’t have to go back later. Works like a charm!

Insanely smart trick ||Double Vodka on the Rocks || Deuces!

KW: What’s a song that you always bust a move to?

DP: I like to drop it low to Diplo – “Express Yourself”.

KW: What are some songs on your playlist at the moment?

DP: “Murda Bizness” – Iggy Azalea & “National Anthem” – Lana Del Ray Remix

KW: What are your fav fashion magazines to read?

DP: Hobo Magazine and ACNE Paper.

KW: What would you say your signature fashion piece is?

DP: Jewellery.

KW: Do you dress mostly by your mood or the day’s events?

DP: The day’s events.

KW: What makes you cry?

DP: Animals dying.

KW: If you could be in any music video, which one would it be?

DP: Any of Prince’s music videos! I love to dance – I have a bootie, so I like bootie dancing moves!

KW: Do you have any fashion idols?

DP: There’s so many people to draw from but Bridget Bardot and Kate Lanphear stand out to me.

KW: Vintage or new?

DP: If it’s a really great vintage piece, yes, but I’d rather always wear something new.

KW: What’s next for you?

DP: I recently became the new Fashion Editor for ION Magazine! I’m very excited to start this next chapter and I would like to bring the magazine to another level.

KW: Thank you for sitting down with me Deanna! I will definitely use your bar trick and perhaps drop it low…;) @deannapalkowski

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Style Feature || Gianinni Semedo Moreira

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Try saying his first name five times fast! Yes, I end up saying panini by the end of it too…

Funny story on how I met this talented individual… A little while ago I blogged about one of his youtube videos, check it out here…  I of course tweeted about the post and then he retweeted it and added me on facebook. Weirdly enough, one of his status updates said he would be in Vancouver soon so I messaged him hoping he would set up a dance class at Harbour Dance Centre. Sure enough the class was set and we organized meeting for an interview at the time too. Weird right? Ya, we think so too.  Oh the fancy ways of social media!  Anyways, he was more than willing to sit down with me and discuss dance, style and anything else that gets us thinking on the creative side.  Here’s a little on his background…

Gianinni is originally from a small town just outside of Amsterdam, Holland.  He started breakdancing at the age of 15 just for the fun of it.  But of course, the love of dance took over, and he soon realised nothing else would make him as happy.  After gaining more experience on the technical side of dance, Gianinni took a chance and auditioned for the So You Think You Can Dance Holland television show.  He not only made it on the show, but went straight through to the finals!  With that under his belt, he decided it was time to move to Los Angeles to further his dance career.  Just a short time after he moved to LA, he booked an Australian tour with Rihanna, danced with Shakira and then was offered a three year contract for Cirque du Soleil’s “MJ Immortal Tour”!  It’s now just been over a year since he’s been with Cirque, has travelled the world dancing and did I mention he’s only 24 years old?  Yes, I know, I would like to be in his shoes too – definitely my kind of job.  But if that’s not enough, this guy is also an aspiring movie director!  His downtime on the tour is filled with producing short film series and creative dance videos.  You can check all of that on his website, Enjoy his stylish pics and interview below.

Gianinni Semedo Moreira

Because he can…

Shirt: H&M || Sunglasses: Ray-Ban || Tuque: Reckon (handmade by a friend)

Belt: Guess || Denim: Levi’s

Kicks: Nike Flights

All smiles.

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Gianinni SM: I’m very happy and grateful. I try my best to stop and realise where I am and where I’ve come from. It’s important to appreciate your progress but I also don’t want to get comfortable and I’m staying ambitious and I’m excited for more.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

GSM: “Do your best and God will do the rest”.

KW: What’s your greatest fear?

GSM: Not becoming the best man I can be.

KW: Which living person do you most admire?

GSM: My mom. She has such a positive and strong mindset. When things get tough, she never strays off track.

KW:  What is your greatest extravagance?

GSM: Moving to the USA from Holland. That move opened a lot of doors for me.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

GSM: A white tuxedo blazer with black trim.

KW: What was the last film you watched?

GSM: Sunshine.

KW: What makes you cry?

GSM: Things that have to do with love.

KW: Which dancer/choreographer/artist would you want to share the stage with the most?

GSM: Justin Timberlake. I have a lot of respect for him as an artist and person.

KW: Dunks, Jordan’s or boots for dance class?

GSM: Jordan’s.

KW: Suspenders or bowtie?

GSM: I like suspenders! But I have a bowtie so I’ll go with bowtie!

KW: If you could be in any music video, which one would it be?

GSM: “Smooth Criminal” – Michael Jackson

KW: Your favorite fashion city?

GSM: Amsterdam, my hometown.

KW: Your favorite dance city?

GSM: Los Angeles – It has a lot to offer; there is the underground scene and then the commercial world. Everyone is there for the same reason and are all sharing the same passion. It’s good to have that energy around you.

KW: Do you dress mostly by your mood or the day’s events?

GSM: My mood for sure.

KW: Dark, milk or white chocolate?

GSM: White chocolate.

KW: Your go-to breakfast dish?

GSM: Eggs Benedict!

KW: What’s your favorite scent?

GSM: Hugo Boss, Boss Eau de Toilette.

KW: Your colour?

GSM: Bright, aggressive red!

KW: What are some songs on your playlist right now?

GSM: “Where Did It Go Wrong?” – Anthony Hamilton, “Free as a Bird” – Dwele, “Blind to You” – Collie Buddz, “Wayfaring Stranger” – Ed Sheeran, “Those Who Wait” – Daley.

KW: What’s next for you?

GSM: I’m keeping myself busy on the tour by directing short films. I’m shooting my new short film series throughout the next three cities we visit!

KW: Thanks Gianinni!

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Style Feature || Renee Palkovsky

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

If you ever meet this girl, you’ll instantly love her, if you already know her, you know what I’m talking about!  I met her only just last year in one of my fashion classes at Blanche Macdonald Centre.  We became fast friends after our assigned seats in class had us sitting next to one another. After only knowing her a day, I could already tell she was headed for big things.

She’s only 21 years old and habitually jets off to New York City to buy for (212), a trendy boutique in Gastown representing NYC Style, rides her own motorcycle and is currently taking multiple courses to prepare her for the fast paced world of Stock Exchange. Yes, I know, she’s such a cool chick – I absolutely adore her.  Renee’s personality and sense of style is filled with greatness, her shoe collection is to die for and not to mention she’s sample size and drop dead gorgeous.  Everyone, meet my fashionable friend, Renee Palkovsky!

Renee rocking the Beach Chic!

Sheer Cover up: (212) || Bag: Cole Haan || Orange Bikini: H&M

Hat: Aritzia || Rings: From Mexico || Bracelet & Earrings: Blue Ruby – Giles & Brother

Just the cutest! || Sunglasses: Prada ||

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Renee P: I’m happy and content. I’m ready to make things happen, I feel like an eager beaver – ready to push.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

RP: In my bed, it’s super cozy.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

RP: “Don’t Settle”.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

RP: I bought this hat that I’m wearing yesterday.

KW: What was the last film you watched?

RP: I watched Grease in Stanley park the other day.

KW: What makes you laugh?

RP: My girlfriends always seem to get that deep tissue laugh out of me.

KW: What’s your favorite breakfast dish?

RP: I’m really into waffles with whip cream, lots of syrup and berries.

KW: What sites do you visit everyday?

RP: I went through a phase when I was 18 and was on religiously but now I mostly research the stock markets.

KW: Black or white?

RP: Black.

KW: Prints or neutrals?

RP: Neutrals.

KW: Favorite fashion city?

RP: Berlin. They make winter look good which is a very difficult thing to do.

KW: Do you dress mostly by the day’s events or by your mood?

RP: My mood. But, I will usually pick one item that I need to wear and decide what else to put on according to that piece. Today it was my earrings.

KW: What are some songs on your playlist right now?

RP: “Say My Name”- Destiny’s Child (Cyril Hahn Remix) & Trials of the Past – SBTRKT

KW: What’s your most prized possession?

RP: That’s so hard! They’re all my babies!  But, if I had to say something it would be my rings and bracelets that I’m currently wearing.

KW: What’s your biggest fear?

RP: Failure.

KW: Which living person do you most admire?

RP: My dad. He’s always so happy even if the worst things are upon him. He really knows how to stay positive. I admire that.

KW: What’s your signature drink?

RP: Dirty Martini – extra dirty, extra olives.

KW: What are your favourite brands?

RP: I don’t have any. My personal style is always evolving just like how numerous fashion houses and designers are continuously evolving their own brand. One thing that has stuck with me though is how I incorporate vintage pieces in my day to day outfits.

KW: What’s next for you?

RP: I was originally planning on going to NYC in the fall to buy for (212) and was looking forward to being apart of that crazy Fashion Week culture but I’ve realized fashion isn’t what I want to do, it’s just a part of who I am. My strong suit is reaching the top and working hard for it. I didn’t get the nickname Ram for no reason. What’s next for me is the financial industry.

KW: You’re incredible and so driven! Thank you Renee!

Style Feature || Jade Wong

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

I was recently home in Calgary visiting friends and family and was lucky enough to sit down with one of my closest friends, Jade Wong. Her style  is androgynous and classically trendy. She’s always playing tracks that make you want to get up and dance and she’s the go-to lady for what’s hot in the city. She embodies incredible charisma and anyone who meets her is drawn to her like a moth to light. Check out her chic outfit and interview below. Enjoy. x

P.S We ended up taking pictures at dusk so don’t mind the “fuzzy/in-between night & day” quality ;)

Jade Wong || Trench: Robert Rodriguez

Blouse: J. Crew || Navy Bangle Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs|| Wrist Party from left to right: Links of London, Jade bracelet & Tiffany & Co. ||

|| Pear Watch Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs ||

|| Boots: John Fluevog ||

Half focused makes a pretty cool picture ;)

Stretching is good for you… Especially in style.

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Jade Wong: I’m feeling fairly open and excited with things changing and happening around me. Calgary is evolving and I’m enjoying the changes, it’s been long overdue.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

JW: “You’ll never know if you don’t try”. I do not want to live with regret and this motto has stood true for me time and time again.

KW: Which living person do you most admire?

JW: There’s not just one single person. I admire the people in my daily life who are passionate and channel that energy into following through with what they want in life. It inspires me to do the same.

KW: Favorite song to bust a move to?

JW: Currently it’s Icky Blosson “Babes” which is such a great jam; reminds me of Felix Da Housecat.

KW: If your life could be a film, which one would it be?

JW: Lost in Translation – many times I’ve felt this way.

KW: What makes you laugh?

JW: People and especially animals because they don’t even realize how humorous they can be.

KW: What’s your favorite breakfast food?

JW: Breakfast is the best meal of the day and I would have to say my fav is the eggs benny from the Laurier Lounge in downtown Calgary.

KW: What’s your signature drink?

JW: Scotch. I have a Macallan 15 year in my cabinet for special occasions.

KW: What are some songs on your playlist right now?

JW: Cat Power “Ruin”, The Antlers “Drift Drive”, Thee Oh Sees and anything from Thunderheist.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

JW: Nail polish.

KW: Prints or neutrals?

JW: I find them equally important for a great outfit. A balance of both is necessary.

KW: Who are your fashion idols, if any?

JW: I have no “idols”, I just know what I like. If I see someone walking down the street and something of their outfit catches my eye, I’ll make a mental note. If you follow someone else’s style completely, you don’t have your own style and it’s not original. But then again, nothing is original anymore.

KW: Which magazines do you read?

JW: Elle and Vogue, both US versions, Vice and other random mags I find.

KW: Your dream job?

JW: My career field would be in the music industry, definitely.

KW: How do you dress? By the day’s events or your mood?

JW: Both. It really depends, but I like to have a couple shirts and shoes in my bag if I’m heading to events after work etc. Weather also plays a big part – thank you for that Calgary…

KW: Your dream city to live in?

JW: New York City.

KW: Favorite designers?

JW: Helmut Lang, DVF, Rag + Bone and Vince. I like brands that focus on the basics.

KW: Your greatest extravagance?

JW: Going back to school as a mature student was hard. Everyone in my class was ten years younger, so you can imagine…

KW: Your biggest fear?

JW: Failure.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

JW: When I’m on my bike and riding through downtown Calgary after rush hour. I really feel that the city is mine and grateful it’s my home.

KW: Dark or milk chocolate?

JW: Milk Chocolate.

KW: Thank you Jade. You’re inspiring. 

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