BESTIVAL 2015 || Toronto Island

Photography and Words by Kate WotherspoonGrandtheftIMG_5833
I attended Bestival this year and it’s the first time the music festival has made it’s way to Canada from the UK. Artists like Flume, Grandtheft, Banks, Florence and the Machine, Clean Bandit, Sbtrkt, Jamie XX, Nas and many more made it an incredible experience. I decided to take my camera and document some of the action. Nothing compared to one of my fave music festival photographers, Sarah Bahbah, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. xx

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Between the Branches || O2 The Dance Company

O2 The Dance Company is a project based contemporary dance company and is directed by Sarah Dolan, an incredible human being and artist. This will be my second year with O2 and we have are performing our last six shows of `Between the Branches“ this weekend in Calgary, AB!
`Between the Branches“ is an interactive dance experience that invites you to people watch with us in the park. Be prepared to move around on stage and enjoy the show from our point of view.
Check out our teaser video here:
Since this is a passion project we are also participating in a Kickstarter fundraising campaign! Check out our video here and support the up and coming art and dance industry in Calgary :)

You can purchase tickets to the shows this weekend by clicking this link:
O2 The Dance Company’s “Between the Branches”

Here is a clip from last year’s show “Answers”




Bodies in Urban Spaces || Willi Dorner

Words by Kate Wotherspoon
Photographs by Lisa Rastl


I discovered Austrian artist, Willi Dorner, via and became instantly intrigued from his project “Bodies in Urban Spaces”. Dorner choreographs a talented group of parkour artists and dancers into small nooks and areas of the urban jungle we pass by everyday and creates a new colourful perspective. He brings an alternative view to the city experience; a temporary intervention of public space.


“I use the different positions of the bodies to direct [people’s] gaze and thus point out it’s interesting features, to break through the normal radius of eye movement, and the walkers imperceptibly adopt the perspective of tourists.” – Willi Dorner

“I focused on the intermediate spaces; I sought out places that are often ignored and left open, and I extended the idea to trails that pass through urban areas but which are not familiar to most inhabitants.”- Dorner


To purchase the photo book of “Bodies in Urban Spaces” please visit Willi Dorner’s website here.

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MINKPINK Spring 2014 || Christina Perri

MP logo and mark iconblog



So three words: The. Music. Issue! When the worlds of fashion and music collide in this fresh Spring/Summer Campaign, MINKPINK not only adds in their rad clothes, but also a multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter like Christina Perri to be the face of it all!

With another twist of awesomeness, Christina’s song “Jar of Hearts” shot to fame in 2010 when renowned dance choreographer, Stacey Tookey used it for a piece on “So You Think You Can Dance!  ‘The Music Issue’ is bringing together MINKPINK’s stellar designs, a trendy and talented Christina Perri, musical inspirations and unconventionally, dance all into a fantastic campaign. BAM That’s how it’s done folks!

Check out the wicked promo vid and pick your favourite image!

P.S. She pulls of those tats like no other! Am I right or am I right?

20130906-20130906MinkPink_ChristinaPerri_0021-75 20130906-20130906MinkPink_ChristinaPerri_0015-27 20130906-20130906MinkPink_ChristinaPerri_0014-33 20130906-20130906MinkPink_ChristinaPerri_0013-82-2 20130906-20130906MinkPink_ChristinaPerri_0007-81 20130906-20130906MinkPink_ChristinaPerri_0004-43 20130906-20130906MinkPink_ChristinaPerri_0002-45Words by: Kate Wotherspoon
Photography by: Mike Piscitelli
Stylist: Mark Vassallo
Images provided by: Lotus Leaf Communications

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A Jacket Story

Words by Kate Wotherspoon
Street Style Photos by Tommy Ton,
Images provided by Lotus Leaf Communications

Let’s be honest here…fall is by far the best season for fashion. The more layering the better and a great statement jacket keeps us on trend while staying warm and cozy. Whether you’re a fan of the classic parka or motorcycle jacket, having a variety on hand keeps your winter wardrobe interesting.  For one, if you’re chilled and don’t get a chance to show off your bangin outfit it’s all the more important to showcase the outerwear.  Don’t be afraid to layer a leather vest on top of your pea coat or throw your jacket over your shoulders for a super chic look! Check out key styles below!

Anoraks & Bombers

parka combo

Anorak Jackets || Left to Right: MinkPink & Raindrops

|| Left to Right: MinkPink & Raindrops ||

Motorcycle Style & Leathers

image_008 090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_128

Biker Chic || From Left to Right: Dr. Martens, Guess, MinkPink

|| From Left to Right: Dr. Martens, Guess, MinkPink ||

Male Influence


Slice of Androgyny || From Left to Right: Dr. Martens & Guess

|| From Left to Right: Dr. Martens & Guess ||

Style Feature || Dane Ram


Photos by Dane Ram
Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Japan. China. Switzerland. England. America. Spain… No, this is not a geography class, those are just a few places where Dane Ram finds himself teaching dance workshops on the regular.  No big deal right? (insert sarcasm look here…)


What a cutie! || Feather earring: Gift, Beanie: A warehouse in Beijing ||

This globe trotter is originally from Ottawa, Ontario and moved to Toronto shortly after graduating high school to pursue his dance career further.  He not only took his talent to the next level in Toronto but then took it across the world with a move to China!  He began directing and choreographing shows and not only did his connections with other cities develop, his passion and choreography grew stronger too.

I met Dane when I was living in Toronto back in 2009 and it wasn’t till this past fall that I saw him again in London, England of all places!  Since I was solo on my trip I was thankful to have someone to sight see with and since we were so busy discovering the city we didn’t take the time to sit down for the interview then.  Thanks to technology, we did the interview over Skype while he was waking up in the future in Spain and I was heading to bed in Canada.  Get to know Dane a little further by reading the interview below and goggle at his stylish photos!


|| Shirt: H&M in Los Angeles, Pants: A shop in Korea ||


|| Boots: A boutique in Madrid ||

Kate W:  Where are you now?

Dane R:  Barcelona, Spain.

KW: What is your current state of mind?

DR: Growth, manifesting more, focusing on not just having goals but creating new goals.  I’ve been very optimistic and fortunate for all these opportunities, but there’s always room to create more!  It’s all a game of manifestation.  If I you want something and truly believe in it, then “magically” everything will seem to fall into place.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

DR: I’ve coped with thinking the world is my oyster!  I’ve been living out of my suitcase for so long, it’s hard to call one place home.  However, the people in my environment are amazing and I’m happy doing what I do so my answer would be the world!  I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

DR: “Don’t get stuck.”  Meaning, never become a product of your environment.  Learn and grow from your surroundings and then move forward with new inspiration.

KW: Which person do you most admire?

DR:  I like everybody!  Each person I know has qualities about themselves that I admire. I admire my parents, my students, my mentors, my sister. I admire people. Learning from everyone and being motivated by what they have to offer.

KW:  Black or White?

DR:  Something coloured, something bright!

KW:  Suspenders or bowties?

DR:  Suspenders.

KW: Favorite song to dance to?

DR:  I’m a big Michael and Janet fan.  They’re my first go-to’s and I love going back and checking out 90s music.  It’s all very therapeutic in a sense.

KW:  Dunk’s, Jordan’s or boots for class?

DR:  I always wear boots when I dance and it seems to take up all the space in my suitcase.  You just can’t go wrong with a pair of black boots.

KW: How do you decide your outfits each day?

DR:  I should feel good and comfortable in what I’m wearing.  Fashion has become part of my daily routine and I decide on my outfit by the type of choreography I’m doing and how long I’ll be dancing that day.  It’s not meant to sound superficial, but there’s a different feeling between being ready head to toe rather than rolling out of bed and going to dance class.

KW: If you could be in any music video, which one would it be?

DR:  Right away, I think of the type of video I want to create and direct not dance in.  I believe that’s where my career is headed.

KW: What would you say your signature dance move is?

DR:  Whenever I choreograph I try to introduce new movement that I haven’t done before.  However, my signature is how my choreography is very relaxed and fluid.

KW: Favorite fashion city?

DR:  Seoul, South Korea – only cause you’re allowing me to pick  one!  They do a lot of draping and adding of random buttons and zippers that don’t make sense but… you like it anyways. You can’t find that anywhere else.  I like “roomie” clothing and layering pieces when I dance.  The style there definitely speaks to that.

KW: Favorite dance city?

DR:  For training I have to go with LA – it’s such a hub, such a concentrated area and there’s always a lot going on.  I really love Toronto too because of it’s diversity.  You have dancers from multiple trained backgrounds and Toronto celebrates each independent style whether big or small.

KW:  How do you compare the dance industry in LA and Toronto to China and Japan?

Every country is like it’s own little world, and that’s how I’ve been able to fit in and adapt to everything I encounter.  The way people interact socially and culturally in China and Japan immediately permeates through the dance industry and independent artistry.

One of the biggest things is being mindful and respectful of that fact that it’s not “your” place.  Everywhere is so different, however, dancers are willing to put in more effort and less focus on  getting paid in China and Japan because the commercial opportunities in the East aren’t  as affluent in compared to what’s available in the West.

KW:  Which city would you be able to stay in for at least 5 years with no travelling? Which one would fulfill your passion the most?

DR:  Tokyo, Japan.  The cityscape, the people, their love for dance is so passionate.  The people there are all about working hard because opportunities are in limited supply.

KW:  What are some songs on your playlist right now?

DR: “Wish Your Love Away”- Brandy, “Crush” – Jennifer Paige, “Demonstrate” – Jojo, “Holler”- Spice Girls and Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience album!

KW:  Can you name your all-time breakfast dish?

DR:  I haven’t had a proper breakfast in so long but nothing in this world will ever beat my mom’s breakfast.  Full on omelettes, fruit, Danish pastries, hash browns, breakfast sandwiches etc. Anything else is completely unparalleled!

KW: Thank you for your time Dane! @daneram 

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The Perfect Parallel || Nike x Liberty

Words and Photos by Kate Wotherspoon

Another perfect para||el? Nike Dunks with a wedge heel in collaboration with Liberty London’s iconic prints. Check these babies out!

Nike x Liberty Wedge Dunks

Nike x Liberty Wedge Dunks

Nike x Liberty Wedge Dunks

When I first saw everyone in Tommy Ton’s pics stomping around in Isabel Marant’s version last year, I was in denial with the whole look. Eventually, after a few more designers came out with their versions, the “sneaker heel” fad grew on me. (Now, here I am blogging about it…) I’m still picky with the look, but I feel Nike did a great job covering up the wedge aspect and they look so similar to regular Dunks! I’m a fan of Ash Footwear’s version too. Check these bad boys out:

I’ve been a longtime fan of Nike, but had my first dose of Liberty this past fall. Walking up to the store front all you see is a mini garden of potted plants and then behind those doors is a room full of round tables with the most beautifully printed scarves. Once you catch your breath and move up a floor, your heart beats faster as beautiful little rooms, floor after floor, are adorned with fresh of the runway merchandise. It’s a lot to take in and I plan to visit that store often once my wallet grows in width. Here are a few shots of the wonderful store front from my trip to London last fall.

Liberty London's store front || London, UK

Liberty London’s store front || London, UK

Liberty London's Entrance

Liberty London’s Entrance ||

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A Perfect Parallel || Tamina & Jojo

Like I’ve said many times before, fashion and dance go so hand in hand you’d have to be blind not to see it. This video is a definite parallel for what I love to write about and I’m sure you would agree.

Jojo and Tamina did such an amazing job choreographing this and gave the video such bitch slappin’ style…yes I just said that. With Jojo reppin’ Vancouver and Tamina reppin’ Toronto alongside my very good friend Christina de la Cruz, this video is full of Canadian Talent. HYPE!

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