Casey Brooks || CASI

Words by Kate Wotherspoon

New York in 15 intriguing locations, the song “About You” by XXYYXX , an incredible dance duo and some rad oversized suits. Casey Brooks directed one damn cool video. Danced by Hillary Pearson & Maria Volpe this short explores simple movements across various settings. With slight time & speed manipulation there’s a sort of frantic vibration which is then layered with a cool slow beat, I fricken love it. Casey Brooks makes a flipped umbrella look cool and walking on all fours (in heels) is so dynamic, alluring and sexy. Well done.

Miss Brooks, hire me please, k thanks. ;) xxo

all fours


Upgraded Tuesdays || Dylan Mayoral

Musicality and isolation at it’s best!!! Damn this kid is something else.
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Upgraded Tuesdays || Parris Goebel

Parris upgrades any day – damn’t she’s otherworldly! This video is from 2012, and the precision and musicality blows my mind! By the way it’s real time not sped up. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you reach 2:30 time in the video. Enjoy ;) xx
P.S Let’s not even touch the styling in this video. Too on point for words.

Upgraded Tuesdays || NEW STREET ORDER

This is from five years ago but it is still one of my favorite dance videos! So tricky, so sexy and definitely an eye/mind f#ck (pardon my French).

Directed and shot by Scotty Nguyen
Dancers: Scotty Nguyen & Tracy Shibata
Choreography: Scotty Nguyen & Tracy Shibata
Song: Usher – There Goes My Baby

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Jimmy Fallon || Lip Sync Dance Party

Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Okay… So I’m a huge fan of all three of these men already and then they go and make me laugh till I cry with this solid lip syncing battle! Check out all of their dance moves as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s suit… I mean damn, those dimples, that suit and that humour? Get me a hot-tottie already- I simply can’t handle it!

P.S Stephen Merchant one ups Justin Timberlake on being a single lady! ahaha What do you think?

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Style Feature || Jerome Esplana

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Allow me to introduce you to someone who is driven, hardworking, stylish and continuously perfecting his talent each and every day – ladies & gentleman… Jerome Esplana!   He’s a force to reckon with from the West Coast but is the most down to earth and funny guy you will ever meet.  His dance videos are taking over the virtual world via his youtube channel (which features beast dancers from Vancouver, Seattle and Los Angeles etc.) and he can be caught throughout Europe teaching master classes in London, Germany and Austria.

Not only has teaching around the world become part of his daily schedule, he also runs a hip hop crew in Vancouver called TwoFourSeven Company with close friend and Diamond Crew member, Roberta Bierman.  In addition, he is a part of The Faculty Crew which took home the World of Dance Champions title more than once this year!  He’s only in his young twenties and his list of accomplishments does not end soon…

On the style end, I’ve caught Jerome rocking button downs with bow ties or casual trendy looks like the one below; not to mention he probably owns every Mickey Mouse graphic shirt ever made and makes it trendy.

You’ll love his interview and should probably join the thousands obsessing over his latest dance videos on youtube.

Enjoy. xx

Jerome Esplana || Beanie: Army & Navy

Watch: Casio || Bracelet: Some religious store (his words exactly)

Shades: Primark || Jean Jacket: Levi’s

|| Backpack: Herschel ||

Fancy Footwork || Shoes: Vans

Some MJ’s in the blood! || Jeans: Bluenotes

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Jerome E: I’m really happy.  Great things even stem from bad.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

JE: When I’m dancing.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

JE: “Never Give Up”. It’s straight forward, but it’s true in any industry, even in the youtube world.

KW: Which living person do you most admire?

JE: Will Smith. He’s very accomplished, seems quite humble, wise and is one of my favorite actors.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

JE: A costume piece for the 247 Company.

KW: What makes you laugh?

JE: Oh my God. Everything!

KW: If you could dance in any music video, which one would it be?

JE: I have three! First would be Michael Jackson’s “Bad” , second would be Janet Jackson’s “Rhythmnation” and Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You”.

KW: Which dancer, choreographer or artist would you want to share the stage with the most?

JE: Justin Timberlake. I’m always a fan of his work, and again I feel he’s humble. He has incredible stage presence and his concerts are always insane.

KW: What has been your greatest extravagance thus far?

JE: Performing at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and travelling the world teaching dance.

KW: What is your favorite dance city?

JE: First, I have to say Vancouver for it’s incredible potential and talent. Vancouver has a very driven dance community.  Secondly it would be LA. There’s many different vibes present, even from studio to studio.  I also feel ML (Movement Lifestyle in NoHo) is my second home; I have very close friends there and the studio itself has a great vibe and inspiring talent.

KW: What is your favorite fashion city?

JE: London. It’s so fashionable and trendy with a certain maturity.  It’s exactly how I want to dress.

KW: If you were to dance in this outfit you’re currently wearing, would you change anything?

JE: Nope!

KW: Cat or Dog?

JE: Dog.

KW: Black or white?

JE: Ughhh… I love both!

KW: What’s your number one breakfast dish?

JE: That’s really hard, I love food. Any kind of meal makes me happy and I’m happy eating cereal for dinner.

KW: Name some songs on your playlist.

JE: Backstreet Boys “Get Down” , N’Sync “This I Promise You” and Usher “Superstar”.

KW: Do you dress mostly by your mood or the day’s events?

JE: Weather actually plays a huge part, or if I find something in my closet I haven’t worn for awhile. I find I’ll wear certain colours depending on my mood too.

KW: What is your signature piece?

JE: My gold watch.

KW: Which shoes do you love to dance in?

JE: My Vans.

KW: Favorite colour(s)?

JE: Neutrals.

KW: Suspenders or bow ties?

JE: Both!

KW: What’s next for you?

JE: I’m aiming to choreograph for artists like Justin Timberlake and if I wasn’t dancing, I would want to be an architect.

KW: Thank you so much Jerome!

Honey Cocaine || Mark Samuels Workshop at HDC

As promised, here is the video from Mark Samuels class at Harbour Dance Centre that I was talking about two weeks ago. Mark Samuels’ (Do Dat Entertainment) choreography is always on point and definitely reps Toronto Swag and East Coast Hip Hop. It’s been a year since I’ve done his class and it was a definite challenge but felt good to be back in it.

The vibe in this class was so incredible and that’s one thing I’m definitely going to miss about dancing in Vancouver. The support and love everyone gives each other is insane and makes for a way better dance community every time.

Enjoy the vid ;)

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Style Feature || Gianinni Semedo Moreira

Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Try saying his first name five times fast! Yes, I end up saying panini by the end of it too…

Funny story on how I met this talented individual… A little while ago I blogged about one of his youtube videos, check it out here…  I of course tweeted about the post and then he retweeted it and added me on facebook. Weirdly enough, one of his status updates said he would be in Vancouver soon so I messaged him hoping he would set up a dance class at Harbour Dance Centre. Sure enough the class was set and we organized meeting for an interview at the time too. Weird right? Ya, we think so too.  Oh the fancy ways of social media!  Anyways, he was more than willing to sit down with me and discuss dance, style and anything else that gets us thinking on the creative side.  Here’s a little on his background…

Gianinni is originally from a small town just outside of Amsterdam, Holland.  He started breakdancing at the age of 15 just for the fun of it.  But of course, the love of dance took over, and he soon realised nothing else would make him as happy.  After gaining more experience on the technical side of dance, Gianinni took a chance and auditioned for the So You Think You Can Dance Holland television show.  He not only made it on the show, but went straight through to the finals!  With that under his belt, he decided it was time to move to Los Angeles to further his dance career.  Just a short time after he moved to LA, he booked an Australian tour with Rihanna, danced with Shakira and then was offered a three year contract for Cirque du Soleil’s “MJ Immortal Tour”!  It’s now just been over a year since he’s been with Cirque, has travelled the world dancing and did I mention he’s only 24 years old?  Yes, I know, I would like to be in his shoes too – definitely my kind of job.  But if that’s not enough, this guy is also an aspiring movie director!  His downtime on the tour is filled with producing short film series and creative dance videos.  You can check all of that on his website, Enjoy his stylish pics and interview below.

Gianinni Semedo Moreira

Because he can…

Shirt: H&M || Sunglasses: Ray-Ban || Tuque: Reckon (handmade by a friend)

Belt: Guess || Denim: Levi’s

Kicks: Nike Flights

All smiles.

Kate W: What is your current state of mind?

Gianinni SM: I’m very happy and grateful. I try my best to stop and realise where I am and where I’ve come from. It’s important to appreciate your progress but I also don’t want to get comfortable and I’m staying ambitious and I’m excited for more.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

GSM: “Do your best and God will do the rest”.

KW: What’s your greatest fear?

GSM: Not becoming the best man I can be.

KW: Which living person do you most admire?

GSM: My mom. She has such a positive and strong mindset. When things get tough, she never strays off track.

KW:  What is your greatest extravagance?

GSM: Moving to the USA from Holland. That move opened a lot of doors for me.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

GSM: A white tuxedo blazer with black trim.

KW: What was the last film you watched?

GSM: Sunshine.

KW: What makes you cry?

GSM: Things that have to do with love.

KW: Which dancer/choreographer/artist would you want to share the stage with the most?

GSM: Justin Timberlake. I have a lot of respect for him as an artist and person.

KW: Dunks, Jordan’s or boots for dance class?

GSM: Jordan’s.

KW: Suspenders or bowtie?

GSM: I like suspenders! But I have a bowtie so I’ll go with bowtie!

KW: If you could be in any music video, which one would it be?

GSM: “Smooth Criminal” – Michael Jackson

KW: Your favorite fashion city?

GSM: Amsterdam, my hometown.

KW: Your favorite dance city?

GSM: Los Angeles – It has a lot to offer; there is the underground scene and then the commercial world. Everyone is there for the same reason and are all sharing the same passion. It’s good to have that energy around you.

KW: Do you dress mostly by your mood or the day’s events?

GSM: My mood for sure.

KW: Dark, milk or white chocolate?

GSM: White chocolate.

KW: Your go-to breakfast dish?

GSM: Eggs Benedict!

KW: What’s your favorite scent?

GSM: Hugo Boss, Boss Eau de Toilette.

KW: Your colour?

GSM: Bright, aggressive red!

KW: What are some songs on your playlist right now?

GSM: “Where Did It Go Wrong?” – Anthony Hamilton, “Free as a Bird” – Dwele, “Blind to You” – Collie Buddz, “Wayfaring Stranger” – Ed Sheeran, “Those Who Wait” – Daley.

KW: What’s next for you?

GSM: I’m keeping myself busy on the tour by directing short films. I’m shooting my new short film series throughout the next three cities we visit!

KW: Thanks Gianinni!

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Bless You || Dana Foglia

Watch & Repeat.

Dana Foglia’s choreography is organic and fresh and captures the best of both the contemporary and hip hop worlds. Her artistic direction with this piece is raw & cutting-edge and I’m completely drawn in by the identical hair & outfits- it pulls the entire piece together. Dana Foglia is one talented woman who I would love to learn from. I’m so proud of my fellow dancer friends rocking this video – Congrats Mel, Lara & Charmaine! Check out the sites below. xx

Style Feature || Tamina Pollack-Paris

LOS ANGELES, June 2012
Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Tamina Pollack-Paris definitely catches attention with her look, personality and killer dance moves which is all packaged up in the hypest of outfits 24/7.  Her passion for dance began at the young age of 3 when she would dance for the camera with her mom and the next twenty years are essentially history. Her credits as a dancer, actress and singer include: Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Camp Rock 1 & 2, American Idol, The X Factor, So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 1, Turn the Beat Around, Hellcats, Stride Gum, Ontario Tourism etc.

She grew up in Toronto, ON and recently moved down to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her career in the performing arts industry. She is definitely making headway and makes Canada proud with her talent and sense of style. I stayed with her while I was in LA and it wasn’t till the last few hours before I caught my plane that we actually sat down for the interview over some tasty sangria from Pitfire in NoHo.  We were too busy gallivanting around the city to do it earlier ha ha. (If you’re ever in North Hollywood, Pitfire is a must along with Republic of Pie…The chocolate pecan pie just throws my taste buds over the edge).  Check out what Tamina had to say regarding the fashion and dance industries…

Tamina Pollack-Paris || Hat: Urban Outfitters || Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

Shirt & Shorts: LS || Shoes: Aldo

Purse: H&M

Kate W: What is your current state of mind? 

Tamina P: Hustling, making things happen wherever I may be. I go where the work is and I want to set up for my future while I’m still young.

KW: Where do you feel most at home?

TP: Toronto definitely, because I grew up there, but LA is becoming that more and more.  So many of my friends visit me too so that definitely helps.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

TP: My Grandpa would always tell me he would give me a dollar if I could save 90 cents of it and “Don’t be mean to your pennies!” That definitely sticks with me and for advice in dance, I’ve always appreciated “ Be yourself because everyone else is taken”.

KW: What is your greatest fear?

TP: Not being happy. I don’t want to live a life that’s unfulfilling and empty.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

TP: I actually just bought a huge amount of groceries at the Farmer’s Market even though I’m leaving in seven days for three months…

KW: What makes you laugh?

TP: People, myself and interesting scenarios. I’m not a fan of “funny” TV shows though…

KW: Which dancer/choreographer/artist would you want to share the stage with the most?

TP: Fatima Robinson. I’ve admired her choreography for Aaliyah and Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”. She has a vision of elegance and minimalism that creates such a strong impact even with the subtleness of moves.

KW: What’s on your playlist? 

TP: There’s some Floetry, Jill Scott, John Legend, Friendly Fires, Frank Ocean and Elle Varner on there right now. I’m definitely on that grown, sexy R&B tip.

KW: White or Black?

TP: Ha ha… both! Let’s say grey.

KW: Prints or neutrals?

TP: Neutrals.

KW: Simple pendant necklace or bold costume jewellery?

TP: Simple pendant necklace, but if I’m having that extra diva moment, I like to wear a hype piece of jewellery that does the talking.

KW: Who or what do you feed off of for inspiration the most? Dance/Fashion?

TP: Both, they’re so connected. You could be the best dancer in the room at an audition, but if you’re not looking the part, if you don’t have style or something unique to you, you’ll be missed.  You want to be that character that they’re looking for, and that includes how you dance and what you wear. Dance and fashion are dependant on one another.

KW: Favorite song to dance to?

TP:  I go through phases, but for sure “I’m So Into You” – SWV & “Butterlfy” – Biggie.  There’s always the classics too like “You Want This” – Janet Jackson and anything old school and songs that make me hype.

KW: Favourite fashion city?

TP: I need to experience Europe, but NYC/LA/TO all have unique qualities.

KW: Favourite Dance city?

TP: Los Angeles for the work aspect, NYC for the vibe, training and sense of community -everyone has their own style put together in New York.  And lastly, Toronto, because that’s where I’m from and so many talented people have stemmed from that city.

KW: Where do you see yourself in five years?

TP: I don’t know and that’s the beauty of it. These next five years are a time for me to live, plant seeds and to travel and enjoy life.

KW: How do you decide your outfits each day?

TP: My best outfits always happen by mistake. It seems that two ugly things can somehow make a hot collaboration. My outfits always happen someway or another, very random, and if I have something new, I have to wear it.

KW: If you could be in any music video, which one would it be?

TP: Janet Jackson’s “You Want This”. 

KW: Your Fashion Idol(s)?

TP: I don’t have any. I do what I want but find inspiration from attending fashion shows.

KW: Thanks so much for sharing Tamina! 

Dress & Collar: Timeless || Shoes & Socks: American Apparel

Top: LS || Belt: American Apparel || Shoes: Downtown LA

Thank you for reading! xx

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