Casey Brooks || CASI

Words by Kate Wotherspoon

New York in 15 intriguing locations, the song “About You” by XXYYXX , an incredible dance duo and some rad oversized suits. Casey Brooks directed one damn cool video. Danced by Hillary Pearson & Maria Volpe this short explores simple movements across various settings. With slight time & speed manipulation there’s a sort of frantic vibration which is then layered with a cool slow beat, I fricken love it. Casey Brooks makes a flipped umbrella look cool and walking on all fours (in heels) is so dynamic, alluring and sexy. Well done.

Miss Brooks, hire me please, k thanks. ;) xxo

all fours


The Girls Club || BEV

One very close, and extremely talented friend of mine, Tamina Pollack-Paris is putting on the must-see show of the summer! Her roster of strong passionate woman from The Girls Club are presenting, BEV: The Woman Behind the Icon on June 30th at The Beverly Hotel.  The Girls Club will showcase moments in history and highlight underrated iconic women that have revolutionized music, art, dance and fashion in their eras. Stories will be unveiled through live, immersive exhibits for art lovers and innovative, thought provoking performances.

Drink, Eat, and Dance the night away.
The party ends at the stroke of midnight.

– 1st Heat: Doors at 6pm. Show at 6:30pm
– 2nd Heat: Doors at 7:30pm. Show at 8pm

Purchase tickets at eventbrite or

MUSIC BY: DJ Fly Lady Di FASHIONS CREATED BY: Som Kong VINTAGE FASHIONS PROVIDED BY: The Toronto Vintage Society JEWELRY BY: Shop For Jayu HAIR BY: Jazma Hair Inc. MAKE UP BY: Natalia Solar ***SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMER*** Toronto’s most talented Drag Diva Miss Tynomi Banks

Get a little taste of The Girls Club talent from Tamina’s Madonna Submission video:


Tamina Pollack-Paris 

The hustle is real! We're out promoting on Queen West all week, come chat with us!

The hustle is real! We’re out promoting on Queen and King West all week, come chat with us! xoxo

BESTIVAL 2015 || Toronto Island

Photography and Words by Kate WotherspoonGrandtheftIMG_5833
I attended Bestival this year and it’s the first time the music festival has made it’s way to Canada from the UK. Artists like Flume, Grandtheft, Banks, Florence and the Machine, Clean Bandit, Sbtrkt, Jamie XX, Nas and many more made it an incredible experience. I decided to take my camera and document some of the action. Nothing compared to one of my fave music festival photographers, Sarah Bahbah, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. xx

IMG_5837 IMG_5848 IMG_5851 IMG_5854 IMG_5861 IMG_5869 IMG_5883 IMG_5885 IMG_5892 IMG_5896 IMG_5904 IMG_5911 IMG_5926 IMG_5936 IMG_5949 IMG_5983 IMG_5990 IMG_5991 IMG_6005IMG_6007 IMG_6024 IMG_6027 IMG_6032 IMG_6039

Upgraded Tuesdays || Parris Goebel

Parris upgrades any day – damn’t she’s otherworldly! This video is from 2012, and the precision and musicality blows my mind! By the way it’s real time not sped up. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you reach 2:30 time in the video. Enjoy ;) xx
P.S Let’s not even touch the styling in this video. Too on point for words.

Upgraded Tuesdays || Yanis Marshall

If you didn’t know Yanis before, NOW YOU DO!

Choreography by @YanisMarshall
Filmed by @TimMilgram
Studio @DanceMillennium

Streets of Fashion Month||Tommy Ton


Tommy Ton is simply spectacular, and I find street photography to be so fascinating. Specifically during fashion weeks. Every one is just ready to take chances and that’s what style is all about.  Just going for it no matter what and wearing what you feel like. Yes, fashion week is where everyone finds out what the next trend is, but on the street, there’s a conglomerate of trends and decades of fashion and style being tossed about. It’s not about one look or one designer, it’s about the power of choice and individuality among the chaos.

Here are my favorite looks from Fashion Month, all captured by Tommy Ton. <3

14_12_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 14_14_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 17_19_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 17_09_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 16_11_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 26_04_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 13_05_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 12_08_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 15_02_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 11_13_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 11_08_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 10_11_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 09_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_08 08_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_19 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_021 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_015 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_029 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_031 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_012 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_005 06_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_010

Thank you & Tommy Ton!

For more of his photos from this album, check out this link:

NARS || Nail Polish

NARS Nail Polish
Iconic Colour. Nailed.


Words & Images by Kate Wotherspoon

I’ve always been a fan of NARS. I think it all started when my sister brought home a beautiful shimmering pink blush called Orgasm. Maybe it was the blunt title of the blush that made me look into the brand further… I mean, no one else was naming their product with such a sexy innuendo… Then I looked further into their collection of lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polish and soon found my makeup drawer housing names like Deep Throat, Super Orgasm and Rated R… Don’t worry, I wasn’t 14 at the time or anything….

“When I created NARS, I was either going to name them with numbers or give them intelligent names. I wanted to give the products a character and an identity. The names make you dream and transport you to another place. It gives the colours a fun twist.” – François Nars


Top to Bottom: Back Room, Night Flight, Soup Can


Left to Right: Bad Influence, Zakynthos, Trouville

NARS has recently launched a brilliant new collection of high glossy nail polish that lasts and strengthen your nails. The brush is specially designed for easy application for that freshly-painted look. There’s 19 new iconic hues from the 42-shade collection including 23 fan favourites!  These hot tamale polishes will be available August 1st at select NARS retailers and  Pictured are seven of my go-to colours!

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Mine||Tell No One

Spring-Summer pieces from designers including Louis Vuitton, La Perla, Maison Martin Margiela, Kenzo and Bottega Veneta are styled in a playful & interactive short featuring contemporary dancers from London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre.


“The film doesn’t straightforwardly distinguish between male and female roles, and so it was important in the styling that the clothing could also be understood in masculine and feminine terms. […] It was important for the styling to support this mix of reality and oddity.” – Agata Belcen


“I thought they should be dressed in clothing capable of expressing emotion. […The] film feels magical but still of this world” – Belcen

To shop the pieces and for more info on this short film click here! 



Louis Vuitton || The Spirit of Travel

“To Travel is to Live”

Louis-Vuitton-The-Spirit-of-Travel-2014-Campaign Louis-Vuitton-The-Spirit-of-Travel-2014-Campaign-01

“A journey to the extremes of elegance” – Carine Roitfeld

Louis-Vuitton-The-Spirit-of-Travel-2014-Campaign-02 Louis-Vuitton-The-Spirit-of-Travel-2014-Campaign-04

“The journey is the destination: getting there is not as important as the experience of going.” – The Spirit of Travel from Louis Vuitton

Louis-Vuitton-The-Spirit-of-Travel-2014-Campaign-05 Louis-Vuitton-The-Spirit-of-Travel-2014-Campaign-06

Shot in South Africa by Peter Lindbergh, styled by Carine Roitfeld, and starring models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell.