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“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”



Music Moment

Latest collab between The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey will have you listening to “Prisoner” on repeat, not to mention, The Weeknd’s entire new album, “Beauty Behind the Madness”. Enjoy. xx

Upgraded Tuesdays || Parris Goebel

Parris upgrades any day – damn’t she’s otherworldly! This video is from 2012, and the precision and musicality blows my mind! By the way it’s real time not sped up. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you reach 2:30 time in the video. Enjoy ;) xx
P.S Let’s not even touch the styling in this video. Too on point for words.

Upgraded Tuesdays || Yanis Marshall

If you didn’t know Yanis before, NOW YOU DO!

Choreography by @YanisMarshall
Filmed by @TimMilgram
Studio @DanceMillennium

Upgraded Tuesdays || Willdabeast

So it’s Tuesday… The Mon-daze has past, and it’s not quite Humpday or Friday…. So I decided to upgrade Tuesdays by posting a fierce dance video every week.

First one up of this series is a combo choreographed by Willdabeast Adams (LA) to the song “Upgrade U” by Beyoncé (fitting isn’t?).

Just. Watch. Honestly, if you don’t’ feel hype after watching this, then I don’t know if you’re human or not…

Everything about his choreo is right. And the dancers in this video all KILL. IT. Enjoy :)

P.S. Willdabeast, you have my heart. <3

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Happy || Pharrell Williams

If this performance doesn’t make you smile from ear to ear, you should go stand in a corner and give yourself a time out. No Debbie Downers allowed!

This opening performance obviously rocked my socks off! When Pharrell emerged wearing sparkly red sneakers and his Vivienne Westwood iconic hat with a group of talented dancers, I was already grinning. With award-winning choreography by Fatima Robinson, the hit song “Happy” produced for the highly popular movie, Despicable Me 2, reigns as a top Academy Award 2014 performance! I especially loved when Pharrell did a shimmy with Meryl Streep and danced with Lupita Nyong’o and Amy Adams!  This is proof that dance and great music will always bring people together :)

lupita pharell

Here is the original video of Pharrell’s Happy video. Put on your happy pants and do a little dance.


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NYFW Fall/Winter’14 || My Picks

Tommy Ton in New York

Image by Tommy Ton

“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… this is known as Fashion Week.” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City

Click on a image below to see full image and slideshow.
Photos from style.com 

Be Inspired. <3

Thank you for checking out my favorite looks from New York Fashion Week!
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Jimmy Fallon || Lip Sync Dance Party

Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Okay… So I’m a huge fan of all three of these men already and then they go and make me laugh till I cry with this solid lip syncing battle! Check out all of their dance moves as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s suit… I mean damn, those dimples, that suit and that humour? Get me a hot-tottie already- I simply can’t handle it!

P.S Stephen Merchant one ups Justin Timberlake on being a single lady! ahaha What do you think?

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Rihanna + Balmain Paris Spring 2014

Words by Kate Wotherspoon
Photography by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin
Styling by Mel Ottenberg
Creative Direction by Atelier Franck Durand


Rihanna + Balmain Paris… do I even need to say more? Rocking 90s inspired amazingness, Rihanna steals the show and is captured by high fashion photography duo, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Styled by Mel Ottenberg with the infamous creative direction from Atelier Franck Durand this shoot was destined for greatness. Honestly, could there be anymore superstars involved?

I think I will be adding a leather jumpsuit and a herringbone suit to my wardrobe any day now… And her hair? Ughh… perfection!  Don’t worry about drooling all over your keyboard or Ipad, you wouldn’t be the first when it comes to this campaign. XO

rihanna balmain 2rihanna-balmain-5Rihanna_Balmain_ad_campaignrihanna-balmain2

Gatsby Got Grooves

Words by Kate Wotherspoon


A little party never killed nobody and sassy music is a necessity! This post is about The Great Gatsby yes, but I’m not going to focus on the extraordinary visual splendor it offered fashion and production wise, I’m here to promote it’s groundbreaking soundtrack! I was dancing in my seat last Friday night watching this incredible film in theater.  With songs by Jay Z, The XX, Goyte, Lana Del Ray, will.i.am, Kanye West, Fergie, Florence & the Machine and more, my imagination was filling with up with endless dance routines and projects to create to hopefully match each song’s uniqueness and brilliance. I have to commend the outstanding dancers and choreographers for this film – unbelievably executed and wonderfully entertaining.

It makes you wonder… If you were to live in any other decade, which would it be? My answer? The roaring 1920s for it’s dancing, music, the beginning of women’s rights and undoubtedly, the pearls, the drop-waist dresses, cute bob hairstyles and T-straps shoes!

Just so you know... That headpiece she is wearing costs $220,000 from Tiffany & Co. No big deal...

Just so you know… That headpiece she is wearing costs $220,000 from Tiffany & Co. No big deal…

Here are some of my fave hits from The Great Gatsby soundtrackPlease enjoy responsibly. (And by responsibly I mean, not dancing around so hard in a small space you knock everything around you down and end up on the floor with bruises and broken lamps & vases…)

“Together” – The XX

“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” – Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock

“Over the Love” – Florence & the Machine

“No Church in the Wild” – Kanye West & Jay Z (Ft. FrankOcean)

What a sexy man!

What a sexy man!

Leo and I thank you for visiting. Now that you have some serious “tuneage”, grab a lover and Charleston your way all through the night ;) Cheers!

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