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“The best view comes after the hardest climb” – unknown

Photos by Ming Nomchong ||Styling by Alice Roberts

Photos by Ming Nomchong ||Styling by Alice Roberts

Upgraded Tuesdays || Whitney “No Woman”

Chicago folk-rockers, Whitney, have just released their lead single “No Woman” from their (currently untitled) debut album. It’s a perfect arrangement of soul meets country; the tone of the song alongside the visuals reminds me of home.  This track has me hooked, and I’m excited to see what else Whitney’s frontman, Julien Ehrlich and guitarist, Max Kakacek have in store for us.  Way to keep us hanging’ boys!

Quote of the Day

“And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?” – Unknown


Photographed by Norman Parkinson || Vogue, April 1, 1950


The Wild Ones || Sarah Bahbah


Australian music festival photographer, Sarah Bahbah, simply transports me to the time and place of each photograph she takes.  As a lover of music and festivals alike, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to capture key moments during a concert and wish I could bottle them up forever.  Sometimes those moments pass you by so quickly, taking a video or photo won’t cut it or it’ll take you away from the present time.  And, if you do capture the story… it’s never like what you saw with your naked eye.

Somehow, Sarah captures those moments and she’s not only photographing the artists on the stage, but has stepped back and started a series called “The Wild Ones”.  Here, she focuses on the individuals who attend the shows, and it’s in these pictures, where I fell in love with her photography.

tumblr_n7p4wrS80X1qgpn6lo3_1280 tumblr_n53opxQ8DP1qgpn6lo3_1280

“People thought I was capturing the festival, but I really wasn’t capturing it the way I really saw it, raw organic moments. I was getting really frustrated and decided to step back and photograph the subtle wild ones.” – Sarah Bahbah

tumblr_n7fbpuoBtk1qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n7f9waQn891qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo8_1280

“I heard this quote once […] “Observe everything around you as if you’ve never seen it before,” and it’s so true.” – Sarah Bahbah

tumblr_n7f9txNbg51qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n3ci9pws001qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n7f9s1carm1qgpn6lo2_1280 tumblr_n7f9s1carm1qgpn6lo4_1280 tumblr_n7fbo0VS2v1qgpn6lo1_1280

“I will go around festivals and dedicate certain lighting hours to trying to find people who are going against the norm.”- Sarah Bahbah

tumblr_n7fbouMBHF1qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n7p4wrS80X1qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n7p4wrS80X1qgpn6lo5_1280 tumblr_n7t73oGTb61qgpn6lo1_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo6_1280

“He was really good looking, I was just like “Hey, um you look really good smoking that cigarette, can I take a photo of you?” He had really big blue eyes. I just said, “Okay look at me and smoke.” And then I took his photo and ran away.” – Sarah Bahbah

tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo3_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo7_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo5_1280 tumblr_n2mo5iTDls1qgpn6lo1_1280

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Quotes are from Nylon’s interview with Bahbah by Jackie Yaeger. Click to see full interview!

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All images by Sarah Bahbah


MP logo and mark iconblogWords by Kate Wotherspoon || Photos by Mark Piscitelli || Styling by Mark Vassallo www.minkpink.com || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram

minkpink 2

minkpink 3

Stuck on what to wear for your next music festival? Look no further and repeat after me: MINKPINK, MINKPINK, MINKPINK! Get ready to start coveting every funky psychedelic piece from the Australian fashion label’s latest collection! Motivated by tumblr tribes, surf punk, acid-house fun and trippy prints, designer Rachel Evans has you looking brave, free and fashion ready. Recently launching their newest global campaign “LA LA Land” in beautiful and lively Venice Beach, California; MINKPINK’s new face, Chloe Norgaard and girlfriend, Daveigh Chase, take the SoCal streets by a style storm!
Check out their latest photographs captured by Mark Piscitelli with on-point styling by Mark Vassallo. I’m super in love with the floral crewneck sweaters and the printed dresses! You also can’t forget Norgaards’s multi-coloured and vibrant hair, it’s sooo gooodd! She pulls it off so well…but, that’s not all she’s pulling off… This international model and scrapbooking enthusiast is also behind MINKPINK’s new Facebook Scrap Attack App! More info on this new interactive social media app is all on their Facebook page! Be sure to check it out and find MinkPink merch via Urban Outfitters US, ASOS, ShopBop, Aritzia and NastyGal!

P6fPaudM_fwgBOLBZqGonVhuQEWC3D5nF0COys4ywYY iEgGJ46C42ef_hUB_-Hc3G1S4YRc_XPD2QIXULQPxc0 aElTn_0fWzAT14BY6X60vSduIICTipQWhB9cqn-p2uI minkpink qLnWwxwhC5VJ_2yrKRqW2aVUZpfgr7Qh7te7MGmuR6E
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Free Spirited Fashion

Words by Kate Wotherspoon
Photos from Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue & Refinery29

From fringe shorts to crochet crops, wide brimmed fedora’s and straw hats, Coachella and music festivals galore give high fashion a whole new meaning.  Serape prints and 70s inspired shades, flower crowns and cowboy boots have never been so chic! Check out my fave snapshots from the last two weekends in Indio, California and additional inspirational images to see what summer trends are here to stay!

coachella 2

Coachella 1

coachella 3

First time using Polyvore.... Here's my take on a few outfit ideas ;)

First time using Polyvore…. Here’s my take on a few outfit ideas ;)

Thanks for checking out all the hype fringin’ fashion. I would like to pretend i’m attending Coachella everyday this summer.

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Much Love.

*Thanks to the following websites for all the awesome photos and of course check out Coachella’s website and plan your year around attending the festival next year*
www.coachella.com www.polyvore.com www.harpersbazaar.com www.vogue.com www.refinery29.com