PNE 2012 & Hip Hop Workshop

Words & Photos by Kate Wotherspoon

This past week, my days off from work were filled with some pretty memorable moments. I performed at PNE with a stacked group of dancers under the 247 Company & Friends Show and my good friend from Toronto, Mark Samuels, taught a hip hop workshop at Harbour Dance Centre.  Both the show and the workshop generated incredible vibes and it’s times like those when I’m so grateful to be able to surround myself with top notch talent. Vancouver reps hard!

There will be videos posted soon from both events, but for now, here are some photos…

Note: Check out all the hype outfits these dancers rock out. Just awesome! Love them all.

PNE || NO BOYS ALLOWED ft. (Left to Right) Taylor, Shay, Daniela, Anne, Abbey, Randa, Carmen, Me, Sharon, Rina and Roberta!

PNE || Scott and I

PNE || Scott & Stu… If you know Stu, I’m sure he’s given you one of his famous massages. The facials are priceless.

PNE || Kristen, Ashley, Me & Scott

PNE || Sammie, Stu and Ben || Check out Stu’s meal.. dammmnn

PNE || I like chicken || Ben & I

After Class || Akshun, Mark, JB & Jerome

After Class || Michael aka Akshun, lookin fresh!

Mark & I || Missed this guy!

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Thanks for checking it out, stay tuned for videos!

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The Faculty at Urban Alchemy 3

I have to start off by just saying how lucky I am to know so many talented people. I went to Urban Alchemy 3 last week and for those of you who don’t know, it’s a dance showcase that brings together mega-crews and eccentric performers that shines light on Vancouver’s street dance scene.  It began last year and was founded by two amazing ladies,  Angela Lowndes and Kim Sato!  And I have to say, the show was very entertaining with definite high, high moments, but the number that closed the show was 100% perfect! Yes, I am talking about the Faculty.  I definitely have a crush on all seven members of this crew.

Carlo Atienza had the bright idea to bring this group of guys together because he saw that each one individually had something unique to offer and teach to the others and vice versa.  The name “Faculty” can really speak for itself. The current active members include Carlo Atienza, JP Tarlit, Jerome Esplana, Stewart Iguidez, Kyle Vicente, Jonathan Bongato and Benjamin Ritter. The Faculty is still a pretty fresh crew, but they’ve already swept the titles of being the Professional Crew Champions at Artists Emerge 2011, World of Dance Vancouver Upper Division Champions 2011, and once again took first place in the Professional Crew category at Artists Emerge for the second year in a row!  Here is the set they performed at Urban Alchemy, but this is footage from when they became Champions at Artist Emerge this past March.

Give them some love, they’re so fantastic!