Gatsby Got Grooves

Words by Kate Wotherspoon


A little party never killed nobody and sassy music is a necessity! This post is about The Great Gatsby yes, but I’m not going to focus on the extraordinary visual splendor it offered fashion and production wise, I’m here to promote it’s groundbreaking soundtrack! I was dancing in my seat last Friday night watching this incredible film in theater.  With songs by Jay Z, The XX, Goyte, Lana Del Ray,, Kanye West, Fergie, Florence & the Machine and more, my imagination was filling with up with endless dance routines and projects to create to hopefully match each song’s uniqueness and brilliance. I have to commend the outstanding dancers and choreographers for this film – unbelievably executed and wonderfully entertaining.

It makes you wonder… If you were to live in any other decade, which would it be? My answer? The roaring 1920s for it’s dancing, music, the beginning of women’s rights and undoubtedly, the pearls, the drop-waist dresses, cute bob hairstyles and T-straps shoes!

Just so you know... That headpiece she is wearing costs $220,000 from Tiffany & Co. No big deal...

Just so you know… That headpiece she is wearing costs $220,000 from Tiffany & Co. No big deal…

Here are some of my fave hits from The Great Gatsby soundtrackPlease enjoy responsibly. (And by responsibly I mean, not dancing around so hard in a small space you knock everything around you down and end up on the floor with bruises and broken lamps & vases…)

“Together” – The XX

“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” – Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock

“Over the Love” – Florence & the Machine

“No Church in the Wild” – Kanye West & Jay Z (Ft. FrankOcean)

What a sexy man!

What a sexy man!

Leo and I thank you for visiting. Now that you have some serious “tuneage”, grab a lover and Charleston your way all through the night ;) Cheers!

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Much Love! <3


Suki`s Salon || 40th Anniversary

Words & Photos by Kate Wotherspoon

Last Saturday, November 17th, I pulled up to the Vancouver Art Gallery for Suki’s 40th Anniversary party (along with another 1500 people) and felt like I was pulling up to the Met in New York City – minus a few obvious details… Since 1972, Suki’s has been delivering exceptional craftsmanship to the arts of hairdressing and with a red carpet entrance, the entire Gallery was covered head to toe with sculptural hair pieces and hair models.  Each floor and exhibit depicted Suki’s colourful history and was furnished completely by Jacqueline Conoir and Town Shoes.

What I would like to call the “Fiery Peacock”

Hair Models

Suki’s really knows how to throw a party, and better yet, they sure know how to present forty years of exceptional hair artistry throughout an entire art gallery! One hair masterpiece after another left me speechless and made me think twice about my hairdo for the evening and everyday for that matter.

Definition of “Up Do”

Mannequin or not? || Scott Mayo ||

Leather & Feathers

After photographing almost everything I laid eyes on, I made my way up to the top floor balcony. With a view that overlooked Robson Square and incredible tunes played by DJ P. Deady, I got my dance on with some great company. Unfortunately, my Wangs weren’t cut out for all my dance moves and I was left to hobble not strut out of the gallery at the end of the evening…

Robson Square

Left to Right: Myself, Lyndi, Joshua, Scott and Kyle <3

Lyndi Barrett & Scott Mayo ||

Kyle Foo & Joshua Langston rocking studs like no other. ||

Besties || Kyle & I <3 ||

Feeling like I walked out of a dream of pure hair beauty I cannot congratulate Suki’s Salon enough. Everyone involved did incredible work and I’m sincerely thankful for being a part of such a fantastic, celebratory milestone. Congratulations Suki’s and to another forty! xx 

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Alexia Anastasiou and I at String Magazine’s first print issue launch party!

Wishing balloons|| String Mag party

Spike bracelets: vintage market in LA || other: from a friend.

Gucci T-Strap Platforms…enough said.