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NARS || Nail Polish

NARS Nail Polish
Iconic Colour. Nailed.


Words & Images by Kate Wotherspoon

I’ve always been a fan of NARS. I think it all started when my sister brought home a beautiful shimmering pink blush called Orgasm. Maybe it was the blunt title of the blush that made me look into the brand further… I mean, no one else was naming their product with such a sexy innuendo… Then I looked further into their collection of lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polish and soon found my makeup drawer housing names like Deep Throat, Super Orgasm and Rated R… Don’t worry, I wasn’t 14 at the time or anything….

“When I created NARS, I was either going to name them with numbers or give them intelligent names. I wanted to give the products a character and an identity. The names make you dream and transport you to another place. It gives the colours a fun twist.” – François Nars


Top to Bottom: Back Room, Night Flight, Soup Can


Left to Right: Bad Influence, Zakynthos, Trouville

NARS has recently launched a brilliant new collection of high glossy nail polish that lasts and strengthen your nails. The brush is specially designed for easy application for that freshly-painted look. There’s 19 new iconic hues from the 42-shade collection including 23 fan favourites!  These hot tamale polishes will be available August 1st at select NARS retailers and narscosmetics.com  Pictured are seven of my go-to colours!

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