Style Feature || Maiko Miyauchi

VANCOUVER, March 2012
Photos & Words by Kate Wotherspoon

Born and raised in Kumamoto, Japan, Maiko started taking ballet classes when she was only 4 years old. Upon moving to Vancouver, BC in her twenties, she began to train in hip hop and jazz and became a very successful commercial dancer. Just a few of her credits include: Suckerpunch, Hellcats, Once Upon A Time, Sorority Wars, Caprica and John Tucker Must Die. Not only is she talented & beautiful with the cutest accent, she has such a chill style. She is also currently rocking the ombre hair style which I attempted on myself but with a very poor turn out. This bestie of mine is very down to earth, caring, creative and will always leave you smiling. She is also part of the blogosphere, click here, and recently started Bare Talent, a company specializing in all areas of dance and artist development.  Here’s what she had to say in answer to my interview questions. Enjoy. xx

Tuque: Vintage Mart in Japan || Shirt: Urban Outfitters || Denim: Boyfriend’s || Pants: Zara

Watch: Value Village || Ring & Bracelet: Gifts

Jacket: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Some shop on Robson St.

Kate W.: Where do you feel most at home?

Maiko M: My couch. Ha aha… Yes, my couch, in my living room.

KW: What is your greatest fear? 

MM: It’s dark I feel but, cancer. I’m most afraid of getting a deathly disease.

KW: What was the last thing you bought?

MM: Wine and prosciutto ham.

KW: Ha ha, that answer is why we get along so well! Alright, which dancer/ choreographer/ artist would you want to share the stage with the most? 

MM: To be honest, I would love to share the stage with those I performed with in the past. The dancers that inspired me to keep getting better, the teachers that taught me, I would love to re-live those past performances. Those days were so much fun and got me to where I am today.

KW: Black or white? 


KW: Would you rather wear a small pendant necklace or bold costume jewelry?

MM: Bold costume jewelry! Yah, yah….big one!

KW: If you were to dance in this outfit, would you change anything?

MM: Nope. This is me. I feel myself the most when I’m comfortable and I dance better too.

KW: If you could be in any music video, which one would it be?

MM: A SBTRKT music video. I just love their music!

KW: Favourite fashion city?

MM: I have more than just one… My hometown, Kumamoto, which is about an hour plane ride outside of Tokyo. Montreal because I believe they take fashion seriously and London because they’re always ahead of the game. It’s funny to see America catch on to Europe’s trends two years later.

KW: Do you dress mostly by your mood or by the day’s events? 

MM: Definitely my mood.

KW: Favourite fashion magazine to read?

MM: Nylon Japan.

KW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

MM: “Be happy, be positive” and my mom would always say to me “If you’re not going to die from it, why are you scared?” It’s a funny way to think about things, but it’s true. I get nervous for so many little things, and I just ask myself: “I’m not going to die from teaching or going to an audition, so why am I so scared?” That mantra has really helped me get over a lot of humps.

KW: Last but not least, do you have a favourite song to dance to?

MM: Anything by The Falcons.

KW: Thanks Maiko! xox