Upgraded Tuesdays || Willdabeast

So it’s Tuesday… The Mon-daze has past, and it’s not quite Humpday or Friday…. So I decided to upgrade Tuesdays by posting a fierce dance video every week.

First one up of this series is a combo choreographed by Willdabeast Adams (LA) to the song “Upgrade U” by Beyoncé (fitting isn’t?).

Just. Watch. Honestly, if you don’t’ feel hype after watching this, then I don’t know if you’re human or not…

Everything about his choreo is right. And the dancers in this video all KILL. IT. Enjoy :)

P.S. Willdabeast, you have my heart. <3

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The A – Z of Dance || Diesel Jeans

BY FAR, the best commercial I’ve seen in awhile. Diesel seems to just get cooler… To market their Jogg jeans collection, Diesel shows you just how flexible and stylish their newest denim is by creating a montage of talented individuals WERKING every form of dance from A to Z…  Director Jacob Sutton captured the world’s best dancers from the hot rooftops of sunny LA and he also just convinced me I need a pair from watching this video. Well done, Sir.

arabesque east coast swing harlem shake pole

With the collaboration of Diesel, i-D Magazine, Bloc Agency, Connect The Dots, Bonch and the outstanding talent, this video wouldn’t be possible, and I sincerely thank you!


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Do you remember what you were doing at age 9??

Let’s just put the spotlight on 9 year old Charlize Glass (talk about a star quality name too). This little 4 foot swagg queen has an incredible future and can master pretty much anything (pirouettes, aeriels, tumbling and dougies for days!!!) Watch out world…

Choreography by Dejan Tubic and song, Drummer boy by Justin Beiber