Quote of the Day

“The best view comes after the hardest climb” – unknown

Photos by Ming Nomchong ||Styling by Alice Roberts

Photos by Ming Nomchong ||Styling by Alice Roberts


Quote of the Day

“Old ways won’t open new doors.”

Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar

Quote of the Day

“If you do something that you believe in, success will come.”
– Petra Flannery


Retrograde || Sonya Tayeh

Words by Kate Wotherspoon
Choreography: Sonya Tayeh
Dancers: Melanie Moore and Will Loftis
Artist: James Blake

Get READY to lose your mind on this one. I’ve been a huge fan of this song and was curious to see if anyone could master the layering and intricate elements to it with choreography and well…Sonya did! Will Loftis and Melanie Moore’s dancing delivers insane execution and I’m not even sure you can call it dancing. This was just too real and the emotion and movement all together is one in a million. I cannot be more thankful to watch this kind of talent even if it’s just via youtube, the inspiration delivered is extraordinary and beyond me. Thank you Sonya, Melanie and Will!!! xxo

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The Koko Craze

Koharu (Koko) Sugawara has been a huge inspiration for me ever since I took her class in Vancouver last year. She has incredible creativity and talent and has an immense following wherever she goes.  Her choreography is unique, clean and delivers immense impact. Her emotion matches effortlessly and her musicality is beyond… Koko will inspire you.  And, these dancers, no matter what age, define the saying “full out!” xo Please check out her latest video: “Good Luck” (If it’s not the most current below, please click on video and it will direct you to her youtube channel where you can select “Good Luck, Long Version”.

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