Upgraded Tuesdays || Whitney “No Woman”

Chicago folk-rockers, Whitney, have just released their lead single “No Woman” from their (currently untitled) debut album. It’s a perfect arrangement of soul meets country; the tone of the song alongside the visuals reminds me of home.  This track has me hooked, and I’m excited to see what else Whitney’s frontman, Julien Ehrlich and guitarist, Max Kakacek have in store for us.  Way to keep us hanging’ boys!


Honey Cocaine || Mark Samuels Workshop at HDC

As promised, here is the video from Mark Samuels class at Harbour Dance Centre that I was talking about two weeks ago. Mark Samuels’ (Do Dat Entertainment) choreography is always on point and definitely reps Toronto Swag and East Coast Hip Hop. It’s been a year since I’ve done his class and it was a definite challenge but felt good to be back in it.

The vibe in this class was so incredible and that’s one thing I’m definitely going to miss about dancing in Vancouver. The support and love everyone gives each other is insane and makes for a way better dance community every time.

Enjoy the vid ;)


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