A local Calgary dancer and close friend of mine, Barbara England, showed me Smoke last night and we watched in silence with intercepting ahh’s and wow’s in between. I have never seen a more creatively filmed dance video to this date and this goes back to 1995! Mats Ek’s choreography depicts the relationship between a man and woman and the smoke seen throughout can be expressed as their communication between one another, or the life, love and death that surrounds each one of us and how those three factors become a forefront when one person becomes involved with another.

Our favorites were Smoke 1/3 and Smoke 3/3 and it’s hard to deny that Arvo Part’s music in accordance with the dancing won’t move you to tears, or at least for Barb and myself… We discussed how each movement was meant to be there and in a way the dance wouldn’t have made sense if it wasn’t for those certain and almost improvisational & pedestrian moments. There’s a very thin line between a choreographed movement and what “step” belongs there without question. Very few can master that and Sylvie Guillem and Niklas Ek’s execution is beyond me. I can’t even begin to assume what will happen after each move and even the simplicity of the props involved with the choreography surrounding each piece blows my mind… Mats Ek’s is seriously genius and advanced for his time. I have not seen a video out there that can compare to Smoke. Enjoy. xo

To learn more on everyone involved in this masterpiece please click on the following links accordingly: Sylvie Guillem, Niklas Ek, Mats Ek, Arvo Part.

Smoke 1/3

Smoke 2/3

Smoke 3/3

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